Laura Mangione lives and works in Heilbronn. She studied accessories design and art at Pforzheim University - School of Design - from which she graduated 2020. Laura loves experimenting with different materials, colours and shapes and thereby expresses her passion for design in creating wearable unique upcycling bags and accessories in a circular and sustainable way by hand. Laura is starting up with her small brand, which is redefining a contemporary way of playful, timeless and one of kind accessories out of repurposed and reworked materials.

All products are designed and handmade in Heilbronn, Germany - by Laura.

nähen upcycling leder im atelier mädchen nähmaschine

For the bags she uses preexisting materials like leftover fabrics, repurposed clothes, olive leather deadstock and leather scraps, which allows only small quantities. All materials, which are used are already existing and rescued from being scrapped or thrown away. The jewelry is made of eco-friendly resin without using molds to archieve unconventional shapes mixed with recycled vintage glass beads and leftover materials such as safety pins etc.

Feel free to scroll through her instagram page @LM_ACCESSOIRE for more pictures of the products and to stay updated about new items added to the shop.



Laura is constantly inspired by the world around her, nature, movement, it's people and especially feelings and experiences. The world is in contant state of movement, which always leads to new experiences and feelings. Nothing stays the same or lasts forever - reflecting the inner state and having the ability to hold on such little moments of movement to catch a feeling even for just a second is what she seeks for with her artworks and accessoires.