Ethical & sustainable

we guarantee...

  • that all our bags and accessoires are completly handmade in Germany in our studio by Laura Mangione
  • our materials are selected carefully, we hoarded bulks of materials from previous study projects, we receive fabric donations or buy them local from flew markets, or online flew markets, deadstock leather from local and environmentally friendly tanneries (e.g. Olivenleder) and upholsteries or by upcycle discarded pieces
  • when we source materials we make sure to only receive them from our local area and choose suppliers that are comitted to enviromental-friendly products and processes and that the suppliers we work with are mindful of this too
  • generate as minimal wastage as possible across the entire production process, even leather scraps will be processed into new accessoires.
  • create as much as we can within our atelier
  • have the most minimal footprint across our supply and delivery chain


Packaging & Waste

We try to re-use the most packages we receive outsourced products in to pack your pieces. We save packaging materials e.g. post bags, cardboard boxes, zip lock bags etc. and use them instead of buying new ones. Using only recycled cardboard boxes.